2018 Display, 'Jaimer's Little Shop of Horrors'.

A & J's Halloween House!

Every year, Andrew Reid owner of Andrew's Realty, and his husband Jamie Beauchamp, owner of Jaimer's Floral, construct a large Halloween display in their yard for the month of October.

This has become an annual event that eventually Andy and Jamie (A&J) have connected with Pathfinders of Milwaukee, a local charitable organization that helps runaway and abused children and of which has a focus on the LGBT community. 

Over the years A & J's Halloween House has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Pathfinders and other charities.  

Please help them by following on facebook and by donating to Pathfinders.

Below are links to both the facebook page for A&J's Halloween House, and for the donation page on Pathfinders website.

Happy Halloween Everybody!